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A Vision without a Task is but a dream.
A Task without a Vision is drudgery.  
A Vision and a Task are the hope of the world.

Providing access for Introducers & Intermediaries to a wide range
of Trade Opportunities with various structures in diverse industries.

UK based Investment Sourcing & Distribution for a wide selection of opportunities to a worldwide network

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Providing access for Introducers & Intermediaries to a wide range of
Investment Opportunities with various structures in diverse industries

Providing access for Introducers & Intermediaries to a wide range of Investment Opportunities with various structures in diverse industries

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Global Investment
Sourcing & Distribution

Opes Distribution is a UK based Investment Sourcing and Distribution Company for Intermediaries worldwide.

We concentrate on sourcing  high quality and unique Rated or Listed Bonds and other products which benefit from Trade Programmes offering fixed returns for Introducers.

Operating as a Product Provider for regulated entities such as Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), DFMs, Fund Managers & Wealth Advisors, the team behind Opes Distribution bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise for our global network of Introducers & Partners.

High Quality & Unique Investment Opportunities

Large & Established Professional Network

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Investors & Advisers

Opes Distribution works with some of the leading financial gurus & investment professionals to provide fixed return investments to Restricted/Sophisticated/High Net Worth Investors.

All of our products benefit from a line of credit into Trade Programmes which offer exceptional returns to advisers and their clients. Funds are normally held by an FCA Regulated Trustee and are insured.

Products & Services

Opes was initially formed with a core objective, to become one of the market leading Investment Distribution Companies to the regulated market, achieving this by continuing to source the highest quality investments through extensive market research by our in-house business development team.

We distribute this impressive portfolio of high quality investments that offer fixed returns.

Our experienced team carry out extensive market research and vetting processes to provide the expertise you need, with decades of experience we only work with the best which is why the products we offer are Insured with profits generated from a line of credit into a trade program. All products benefit from an FCA trustee where funds are not touched.






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