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open architecture
Platform account

Our open architecture platform account is the perfect solution for you and your clients - a simple 3 step process that will allow you to offer a diversified selection of products to your clients and get them invested in no time.

Once you are signed up as an introducer for Opes Distribution you are free to use our platform or other offshore platforms/brokers as you may. Our online account has a wide range of opportunities which include Rated & Listed bonds, Loan Notes, Funds & Equity offerings.

The Investment Process

1. SIGN up AS An Introducer

Become an introducer by  filling out the below short forms and providing some simple due diligence on you and your company.

After a successful application you will be able to access all of our products on our Opes Distribution Platform Account along with many other offshore platforms including Gravitas, Capital International & Custodian Life.

2. Add Clients & Execute Trades

Add Clients online, providing AML documents before submitting the client to the admin team to review.

Once completed you can fund the account along with buying and selling products from your Advisor dashboard for any of your clients with handy features such as e-signatures - Gone are the long paper applications.

3. Track succesful investment

Once the investment has completed you will be able to track their investment on your dashboard, whilst receiving coupon and maturity funds back into the clients account.